Month: August 2021

Ransomware attacks are becoming more common – just how do we stop them?


On 7 May, hackers forced a significant oil pipeline in america to shut and prompted US president Joe Biden to declare circumstances of emergency. Within hours of the hack, which started the day earlier, Colonial Pipeline Company paid a ransom of 75 bitcoin – worth $4.4 million at that time – to recover the info…

Quantum internet: The race is on to build an unhackable online world


A lot of us have uploaded our lives to the web. Banking, work emails, social media, dating profiles, medical records – all that vital, sensitive information. So it is a little disconcerting that the internet includes a fatal security flaw. Don’t panic; our personal information is safe for the present time. But before long the…

Exoskeleton takes strain off legs to lessen energy necessary for walking


An electrical generator included in a backpack can make walking more efficient by firmly taking the strain off quads, while also harvesting a small amount of electrical energy. The device reduces the energy required to walk by a lot more than 3 per cent and may also charge small electrical devices. Many exoskeletons have been…