Month: April 2022

5 Of Our Favorite Smart Home Products

robot vaccum

The V3 MAX robot vacuum adopts the latest Lidar navigation technology, which makes it possible for the robot to accurately map out a room, identify obstacles and plan routes that avoid them. This means no more getting stuck under furniture or running into walls. The V3 MAX also has a mop function, so you can…

Elegant Girl’s Guide: 15 Minutes To A Clean House

robot vacuum

Is your daily life filled with cleaning and chores? Get the Viomi Robot Vacuum V2 MAX and prepare to be amazed. This robot vacuum will change your life by giving you more time to do the things you love, like binge-watching Netflix or playing with your pet. What is a robot vacuum? A robot vacuum…

5 Ways to Find The Best Nonstick Pan For You


5 Ways to Find The Best Nonstick Pan For You. The SMART TEMPERATURE CONTROL DISPLAY PAN is an intelligent temperature control performance cookware. With the function of the smart pan, you can display the temperature of the pot sensor position during cooking, so that you can master the cooking temperature and achieve the best cooking…